Aluminium Diamond Grille
Security Doors & Screens

Grille security doors offer full protection at a budget price. They are good for rental properties or work places, and for those who like the traditional security screen appearance (see brochure below).


We use 7mm single diamond grill to make our doors and screens. This is made to meet Australian standards AS 5039-20008.

Southbound Security Bunbury and Busselton Grille

Safety Features

Grille doors have the option of a 3 point locking system (for a security door) or a single locking system (it then becomes a barrier door).


All hinged doors come standard with an automatic closer and sliding doors have the option of a water closer as an added extra.


Pet doors can be fitted to grille doors.


Mesh Options

There are various mesh options which can be fitted to your grill door. They come standard with paw proof mesh, which is a strong interwoven mesh that is more resistant to pet scratches.


Other options are:

  • midgie mesh

  • fire rated aluminium mesh

  • fibreglass mesh

  • “tough stuff” aluminium mesh

  • one way DVA mesh

Chad can go through the pro's and con's of each of these depending on your circumstances. We have sample of all of these at our showroom at 77 Strelly Street, Busselton.

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